August Bank Holiday Weekend!

Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th & Monday 31st.

We’re back for our massive fifth year! Who would have thought that after our intrepid start into the world of event management, here we would be deep into the planning of the We Love Hythe Life Food Fest 2020. Yes, we are thrilled. And hungry. We are permanently now in a state of slight hunger as we are always taking about food, sampling food, thinking about food or going through food photos for our media! Yes, we also know that we should have gotten over it by now, but we haven’t!

After the success of the big move from the Cricket Club over to the Hythe Green, we’ve listened to the feedback of the masses and make this our permanent venue. Well, at least until we end up outgrowing that one too!

As each year, we will make every effort to mix up the offering to bring you the newest and the best in all artisan food trends, making sure that you always try something new, right on your doorstep. As always, we open the entry to our past vendors first, to thank them for their loyalty to us but also to give you your annual opportunity of eating what has fast become some staple favourites.

We’ll have the most stellar lineup of local musicians to bring dulcet tones to your earbuds and allow you to wile away the day with your food and chilled vibes. We’ll also be doing many dances to the sun gods in the hope of wall to wall sunshine, as that certainly paid off for us this year!

If you’d like to get involved with us for the 2020 food fest, then just get in touch. It may be that you are a vendor looking to join the trader gang, a band hoping to take your place centre stage, or someone who would like to join the team and become part of the festival crew, any of which are all cool by us, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us via tab below…