About Us

A few friends (Hythe residents and business owners) met in a pub and the conversation turned to our town of Hythe, our local businesses and the community in general. We love this town as much as the next person but we knew there were some issues. Many businesses are struggling through the recession and, in particular, town centre traders face many challenges: In some ways this also reflected the community at large: many local people and organisations working so hard for the town and their community but was interest in the community as cohesive as it could be and how could this be improved?

We discussed how we could bring more money into the town and how we could link up and publicise all the community groups under one very high quality umbrella publication.

After months of discussions and research, Hythe Life website was born, soon to be followed by Hythe Life magazine. We are truly grateful to the residents of Hythe who took the concept on board and invested and contributed to this project, and to the residents and business professionals such as designers,proof readers, etc., who continue to support us.

A bit about our website and magazine

Our website was designed to provide a contemporary and concise information guide for residents and visitors to the town and to promote local businesses. It will be continuously developed and updated. Many of the listings on the site are free with enhanced business listings provided at minimal cost. It is important that the site remains simple and easy to use especially for visitors viewing from mobile devices.

The magazine was unique in concept in so far as there was not a Hythe-specific, high-quality, full- colour publication that provided advertising opportunities amongst an even mix of quality editorial.

The magazine is also unique in another way and perhaps this is the most important: it has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This was essential to us as there are legal structures within a CIC to ensure transparency, political neutrality, and financial responsibility, and to allow public scrutiny in its operation. Profits from the magazine will be reinvested into the company to ensure its long term success and distributed to charities and other good causes in Hythe.

Please take some time to read the full benefits and legal requirements of Hythe Life Magazine CIC as a Community Interest Company. 

We would love to hear any feedback on our project and we welcome any contributions from residents. You will see from the magazine that in large part it has been written by you. If you would like to help in the running of Hythe Life Magazine CIC, please get in touch. If you are a business owner we also welcome the chance to advertise your business and see it prosper. Charities and community organisations can advertise for free on our website.



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Best wishes,
The Hythe Life Team