ATEC-3D use fixed wing and multi rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’S) for a range of Aerial Photography, Surveying and Monitoring applications. We provide a reliable service across a variety of sectors.

Using an UAV is cheaper than chartering manned aircraft for taking Aerial Photographs or High Definition Video of your house, event or business. We are often used by estate agents looking for a unique way to help market properties.
To complement our photography we also offer a printing and framing service.

Using ATEC-3D for Surveying can help save you hundreds of pounds on the cost hiring scaffolding or cherry pickers. We can remotely inspect and monitor rooftops, chimney stacks, bridges, power lines, wind turbines and much more. With a live feed back to the ground we can be directed by Structural Engineers, Roofers or Builders to particular areas of interest with results delivered the same day.

Our method is safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. All of our UAV operators are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and fully insured. For more information about our services please get in touch

07949723453 / 07814492500